Things to do in Golden

Golden is a beautiful town to spend the day! Nestled right in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, everywhere you turn there's always something new to experience! So come grab some lunch at D'deli and see the sights, all within easy walking distance of our shop!

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Clear Creek

Take your sandwich and go for a stroll down Golden's Clear Creek, just a few blocks from our  shop! The water is perfect on a hot summer day, and there are always people playing and having fun in the river, whether they be kayakers or inner tubers! Read more about Golden's Clear Creek White Water Park...


Clear Creek River - Golden, Colorado

Clear Creek History Park

Get outside and see how Colorado’s early settlers worked and played in the late 1800s at Pioneer Village. The Park is ideally located along Clear Creek in downtown Golden. Their outdoor setting re-creates the look and feel of a late 1800s mountain ranch complete with gardens, a working blacksmith shop, schoolhouse and chicken coop (chickens included)! Learn more about Pioneer Village...

Clear Creek History ParkClear Creek History Park








The Astor House Museum

Clear Creek History Park

Built in 1867 when Golden was the territorial capital, the Astor House is still a major tourist attraction in Golden today! It stayed in continuous operation as a boarding and rooming house until 1971, serving legislators, miners, and students. With one of the first bathtubs in town, the Astor House also attracted trail-dusted visitors willing to pay 25 cents for a hot bath. Visit the Astor House's Website...





Golden City Brewery

The Beer Garden at Golden City Brewery

Many of our customers like to eat their lunch at Golden City Brewery! GCB was founded in 1993 by two geologists, Charlie & Janine Sturdavant. They filled the old machine shop behind their historic Golden home with used dairy tanks and Charlie began brewing German-style ales. Since that time, the operation has expanded at the same location (still their home). The carriage house has become the tasting room, the backyard is the beer garden. All of the old equipment has been replaced with real beer fermenters and a slightly used gas-fired kettle. The brewery still produces those now legendary Red & Pale Ales, in addition to a few other refreshing beers. Visit GCB's Website...



Coors Tour

Coors has long since been a major part of Golden Colorado! Experience the Coors tour, which takes place in the world’s largest single-site brewery. The tour is free and includes a 30-minute self-paced tour highlighting their malting, brewing and packaging processes. Cool off in the “fresh beer room," where visitors can sip a cold sample and rest on ice-cube benches in a refrigerated room. At the end of the tour, view old photos, neons, historical beer cans, bottles and memorabilia, and have the opportunity to sample their refreshing products. Visit Coors WebSite...

Coors tour 1Coors tour 2








 Shopping in Golden

Come take a stroll through Historic Downtown Golden's shopping district! The streets are decorated with rustic brick planters boxes filled with colorful flowers and tall luscious trees. Large bronze statues of cowboys and mountain men proudly adorn the street corners, showing our pride in Golden's wild west past! Discover Golden's shopping district...

Downtown-Golden-BuffaloDowntown Golden CroppedBuffalo Bill







American Mountaineering Museum

Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains in Golden, Colorado, the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum opened its doors in February 2008 as America's first and only museum dedicated to the heroism, technology, culture and spirit of mountaineering. This one-of-a-kind facility will allow visitors to live the ascent of the world's most inspiring mountains through educational displays, interactive exhibits, breathtaking photos and climbers' personal stories. Jump a crevasse, hang out in a port-a-ledge and find your route up Mt. Everest! Visit the American Mountaineering Museum Website...

American Mountaineering Museum 1American Mountaineering Museum 2 copy